Motron Oy is the market leader of automotive small testers in Finland. The company has been established 1989. Our engineers are well qualified with sound theoretical background (Technical university and high schools), and extensive practical experience.

Our main office is located in Vantaa (Capital area) just into Helsinki neighbor city. We do have an own service department and independent service partners in the country. We also do have several independent retailers in Finland.

The profile of the company among the customers is; quality, reliability, acknowledges and fast response to any kind of requirement. The company is rapidly growing. The staff and co operating members are keen and aggressive with good motivation.

The company is rated as an "AAA" company. It has an own quality system "MOT 0.3" based upon ISO 9001 (service) and ISO 9002 (common operations). 

Most important customers are; car importers and their organizations, trade schools, government owned workshops, oil companies/service stations, the official car inspection centers in Finland and the Finnish army.

For any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

You can reach us by e-mail motron at